With the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, ESL have revealed that they have removed Russian teams that are considered by ESL themselves to be government-funded from the rating system. The only CIS team, in fact, is NAVI there now. 

However, they did not blacklist Entropiq, because the latter is based in Czech Republic, so they do not have any connection to the Russian governement, unlike Gambit and Virtus.Pro, according to ESL. However, Entropiq's lacking results in the ESL ranked system, so they are out of the table for now.

Earlier ESL tried to force the Russian teams to publicly announce who they back — Russia or Ukraine. VP refused to do so, and will now probably compete under the neutral tag and flag instead of the iconic bear. At the same time, things are unclear about the upcoming CS:GO PGL Antwerp Major: will Russian teams be able to compete under their logos or not?