Ex-Cloud 9 CS:GO coach Soham "Valens" Chowdhury was found using the infamous spectator but in his matches that go back up to 3 years ago. The story was shared by Dexerto journalists who found some old recording showing Valens using the bug, 

Across multiple matches, the coach had used spectator mode in a way that it could give him more info on the movement and positioning of players, which is not allowed of course in competitive play. Valens was spotted spinning his camera during the official matches, a closed qualifier game for Epicenter against Team Liquid would be one of the examples.

One of the bug instances was particularly curious, as it shows Valens was able to freely move around the map as in a regular spectator mode. That happened while his team was playing ESL Pro League Season 7. Chowdhury himself was contacted by Dexerto and admitted that he saw this bug bet never really used it to his advantage and never shared any info with the players. Apparently, he was "annoyed" by it as he instead wanted to see his team movements.

When the bug itself was discovered, it caused a huge debate in the community. The investigation of this problem opened in 2020 and 37 coaches were banned, but not Valens. Last year it was announced that 8 out of 37 coaches got a lifetime ban from attending Valve-organized tournaments. This means they will be left out of CSGO Majors too.