Brazilian CS:GO veteran Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo recently gave interview to portal, where he talked about the NA CS:GO, his current focus and future plans.

First, he spoke about Brazilian teams participating in RMR to qualify for the Antwerp Major. As per Toledo, Brazilian teams have shown decent performance.

I was pretty surprised when we played the competitions in Brazil coming up to this tournament. I think the average level in Brazil has raised up a lot compared to the years we used to go back there to play a couple of tournaments. So it's quite interesting, I think this tournament is going to say who has the median higher average for the Brazilian teams and North American teams. So of course you have to take off the best teams from each country from the equation, but this tournament is going to prove and give a statement on which region has the median average teams at the best level.

Next, FalleN shared his current plans. Obviously, the biggest task right now is to qualify for the major. Speaking about the team's longevity, FalleN stated that they will hopefully play at least 2 years together. Finally, turning to his ex-teammates coldzera and the rest of Team Liquid, Toledo mentioned that there is no rivalry against those pro players. Moreover, it is going to be a lot of fun, in case they meet this season.

We're planning to play for at least two years, that is the goal. Like I said, in the last answer, the goal is to be playing Brazilian major, that's the biggest goal for the team and you never know. We'll see when it gets to that time, it depends on how experienced we become and how much we're liking it, but I mean the general answer would be two years.

FalleN's team lost to his ex-tag MIBR in the deciding game that saw Marcelo "chelo" Cespedes's roster earning a slot in the major. However, Imperial are still in the race, they'll need only one more win to qualify for the event.