EPL S16 Group Stage has another match to offer on September 9. It is FaZe Clan and MIBR competing on the stage and we've covered the pre-match stats for it..

The notable start of FaZe Clan in the tournament means that they are back in form. Defeating FTW, now they have a more challenging task to close down the Brazilian MIBR. FaZe registered their usual roster for this match:

  • karrigan;
  • Twistzz;
  • rain;
  • ropz;
  • broky.

MIBR look fit with 4 wins out of 5 matches. They have easier time with lower-tier rosters, but the loss to G2 cannot be forgotten. MIBR were outclassed in every possible way. Fans expect a better performance now, even though they are going to face the number one team in the world. MIBR's lineup has this look:

  • HEN1;
  • exit;
  • Tuurtle;
  • JOTA;
  • brnz4n.

FaZe Clan vs MIBR prediction

FaZe are the clear favorites in this confrontation. They are enjoying the time on the stage and hardly any team makes them bleed. Now it is time MIBR showed their iconic Brazilian CS. Here is how pinnacle.com's odds look like for this event.

  • FaZe win — 1.09;
  • MIBR win —7.64;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 1.80;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.94․

Note that the odds may change in real time.