FunSpark ULTI 2021 has come to its end with a grand final match featuring Gambit against Entropiq on the way. Here we have team stats and winning odds for the final battle.

Gambit are on top of their play, there is no doubt about that. Each and every player worked hard throughout the whole previous year, and it is only fair to them to start 2022 with yeat another trophy for themselves. Three of their players lately appeared in the top 10 of 2021 list by, and it looks like this roster is going to be trouble for many teams this year.

  • nafany;
  • sh1ro;
  • H0bbit;
  • interz;
  • Ax1le.

Entropiq had a very close match against BiG before the grand final qualification. It seemed like it was anyone's game up to 29th round. This win could be a point of motivation for them not to give up easily against Gambit. Their lineup looks like this:

  • Forester;
  • Krad;
  • NickelBack;
  • El1an;
  • Lack1.

Gambit vs Entropiq winning odds

Even though Entropiq are showing a fighting spirit, their class does not match the CIS giants Gambit. Experts have formed their opinions in numbers too, so here are the odds for FunSpark Ulti 2021 Grand Finals.

  • Gambit Win — 1.25;
  • Entropiq Win — 3.79;
  • Map Total: >2.5 — 1.97.