ESL Challenger Valencia tournament advances, with another match for today featuring FURIA and Sprout. Match history and prediction are presented in our overview below.

FURIA are not in their best shape. The Brazilians lost to 9z twice in the past month, but managed to win against Outsiders and G2. This time they'll need to add the focus, in order to close down Sprout. FURIA's roster is:

  • arT;
  • yuurih;
  • saffee;
  • drop.

Sprout had just 1 win in the last 5 matches. They are in a poor form, so the match against FURIA is going to be a tough one. Sprout have these players in their lineup:

  • Splidi;
  • raalz;
  • lauNX;
  • Staehr;
  • slaxz-.

FURIA vs Sprout prediction — ESL Valencia Challengers 2022

Teams met 3 times throughout the past year. Sprout had 2 wins and FURIA defeated them once. The odds, as taken from have the following look:

Note that these odds can change after the time of publication.