ESL Pro League's playoffs advance to the quarterfinals round, where the first match of the day unfolds between NAVI and G2. Here we have the pre-match details for the encounter.

Starting from the Round 1, S1mple's team had to deal with cadiaN's Heroic. The Danes showed their fighting spirit as always, but were not able to end things quickly. Therefore the punishment was a defeat with a score of 2:1. Today NAVI will have a harder task, but the requirements from the following 5 aren't unreal:

  • S1mple;
  • Perfecto;
  • B1t;
  • electroNic;
  • sdy.

G2 made roster changes after the Summer break. Now they have ex-FaZe stand in Justin "jks" Savage, and Rasmus "Hooxi" Nielsen from Copenhagen Flames. The latter was heavily criticized in the starting matches at G2, but things have improved a bit and the match against NAVI is a real test of the player's experience. G2 compete in these names:

  • Hooxi;
  • mONESY-;
  • huNteR-;
  • NiKO;
  • jks.

G2 vs NAVI prediction

Teams have met 23 times so far. NAVI had 15 of the victories, while G2 were better in 8 of them. NAVI rarely failed in the last 12 months in matches against the Samurais. Experts from trust NAVI more, thus the odds offered there are equal to the numbers below.

  • NAVI win — 1․68;

  • G2 win — 2․21;

  • Map total >2.5 — 2.10;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 2․20․

Please note that odds may change in real time.