Intel Extreme Masters 2022 predictions are back, and our next overview for May 31st refers to NIP vs Complexity. As always, roster updates and team forms are presented.

NIP, surprisingly, did not manage to beat BIG yesterday. They were outclassed on Ancient, after banning Overpass, Dust2 and Vertigo. Looks like BIG had taken their time to prepare well on this map. NIP's lineup against CoL is:

  • es3tag;
  • REZ;
  • ztr;
  • Brollan;
  • Plopski.

Complexity did not have the successful start of the tournament. They lost to Brazilians from MIBR, who are doing well in the last 6 months overall. The unpredictable and aggressive playstyle was there yesterday, and the bo1 ended in the Brazil team favor. Complexity's lineup is the same against NIP:

  • JT;
  • floppy;
  • Grim;
  • Junior;
  • FaNg.

NIP vs Complexity prediction

From now on, the matches in IEM Dallas will be played in Best-of-3 format, thus, NIP have higher chances to close down Complexity. They are better than the NA team in any possible way. The odds are shown below.

  • NIP win — 1.16;
  • CoL win — 5.18;
  • Map total >2.5 — 2․73;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․43․