The second match of IEM Katowice 2022 Quarterfinals is almost here. Gambit Esports and FaZe Clan will decide who advances to the Semifinals. Read on, for more about team forms and prediction.

Gambit are quite fit now, despite the bumpy results at the start of the tournament that were caused by players' sicknesses. They are competing again with their usual lineup:

  • sh1ro;
  • nafany;
  • H0bb1t,
  • interz;
  • Ax1le.

FaZe is another top performer from IEM Katowice Group Stage. Their new member from MOUZ β€” Robin "ropz" Kool feels great in the fresh environment and shows great impact during the ongoing tournament. It can be said that FaZe are well-equipped with more than the fundamental skills to close down Gambit.

  • Rain;
  • Karrigan;
  • Twistzz;
  • ropz;
  • broky.

FaZe vs Gambit prediction

The top-2 team of the globe are the favorites of the clash. It is hard to say that they will claim a clean victory, as we have already witnessed what sort of play FaZe bring onto their favorite maps. Anyway, here are more detailed odds.Β 

  • Winner: Gambit β€” 1.62;

  • Winner: FaZe β€” 2.42;

  • Map total > 2.5 β€” 1.88;

  • Map total < 2.5 β€” 1.84.