IEM Katowice 2022 play-in stage continues, with Fnatic vs BIG facing each other next

Fnatic lost in their opening match in the Play-In stage and now are on the brink of being eliminated. They've managed to outperform Wisla Krakow in their lifeline match, but now, they have another test ahead of them. Best-of-3 series will decide if they'll advance to the Group Stage. And to complete their plan, Fnatic have these players in line.

  • KRIMZ;
  • ALEX;
  • smooya;
  • Brollan;
  • mezii.

BIG fell to Astralis yesterday, so the earlier win against Movistar Riders, who are the stand-in team for Complexity Gaming at IEM 2022, did not help them to qualify for the next round. The Germans won't be happy with their results if they don't get into the group stage. BIG's roster consists of players that can deliver versatility, so it is time to put in something new in the server. The players starting today for BIG are:

  • tabseN;
  • tiziaN;
  • syrsoN;
  • k1to;
  • faveN.

Fnatic vs BIG betting tips

Fnatic looked vulnerable in their game against Copenhagen Flames, while BIG managed to steal a map away from Astralis and beat Movistar Riders in a pretty convincing fashion. That's why experts give their priority to BIG. More on the odds is shown below:Β 

  • Winner: BIG β€” 1.79.
  • Winner: Fnatic β€” 2.04.
  • Map total > 2.5 β€” 1.79;
  • Map total < 2.5 β€” 1.96.