It looks like fans will have a chance to attend IEM Katowice that takes place on February 15 — 27, 2022. The news officially come from ESL press release.

Back in 2020, IEM Katowice became an studio event because of the pandemic burst out. Next, in 2021 Gambit became the champions of an online version of this tournament.

Hopefully, this time Spodek Arena will be full of fans who missed the chance to support their teams in-house for so long. The competition will surely attract many viewers online as well, as audience is a critical factor for the overall atmosphere of the event. Not only CS:GO will be showcased from Spodek Arena, but Starcraft 2 matches too. 

The news are surprising though, as at the same time Valve canceled their first Dota 2 major of the year due to the pandemic complications. Let's hope that ESL are in control of the situation and won't disappoint their fans with a sudden change of plans. cancelling the first major of the year in Dota 2