IEM Katowice 2022 group stage continues. Today we have another pair for our coverage of team forms and predictions. Vitality are playing MOUZ in best-of-3 format. Let's see how they approach the confrontation.

Vitality are ranked 3rd as per HLTV global rankings. They seem quite powerful, even with the presence of 2 newcoming Danes in the French roster, which raises some concernes in terms of communication. Lately in their 6 encounters with other teams, the Bees lost only once. However, this will be their first LAN after a long time, so it is early to say that a clean victory is very likely. Vitality are good playing on Inferno and Mirage. At the same time they avoid picking Ancient. Next, we have the roster of Team Vitality.

  • apEX;
  • dupreeh;
  • Magisk;
  • ZywOo;
  • misutaaa.

MOUZ have recently dropped out of HLTV's top 30. It is okay to say the team lacks experience, but there are talents in the German org too: NBK-, frozen, as well as the youngster from academy team NXT โ€” torzsi and JDC are all hungry to fight back against the best clubs in the discipline. Here is full roster of MOUZ for today:

  • NBK-;
  • dexter;
  • frozen;
  • JDC;
  • torzsi.

Vitality vs MOUZ match prediction

Vitality are the favorites in the eyes of analysts and the esports community in general. ย Even though past encounters did not include players from updated roster, you can tell that Vitality are way ahead of MOUZ in terms of form and experience. Here are the precise odds for this match:

  • Vitality win โ€” 1.21;
  • MOUZ win โ€” 4.38
  • Map total โ€” <2.5 - 1.53;
  • Map total >2.5 โ€” 2.4.