Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2022 group pairs have been set. 16 teams from different regions, but with the same goal to win the legendary trophy and take home with them the biggest share of the 1 million dollar prize pool. 

The play-in stage proved there are no weak teams advancing into groups, even if they haven’t made themselves an elite name yet. Now, we approach the new round where the participants will fight for the better seeding in the play-offs.

16 participants are now divided into 2 brackets, but only 6 will advance to the final stage of the tournament. All matches will happen in the best-of-3 format, while the grand final will be the best-of-5 series. Teams like NAVI, Gambit, G2 and Vitality got their invites straight to the groups thanks to the points earned earlier. Here is a graphic look to the schedule now.