After winning IEM Rio Major 2022, Outsiders' AWPer Djami "Jame" Ali became the MVP of the major by HLTV. The player had +1.00 rating across all the whole tournament, and the final rating is 1.30.ย 

Jame's first announcement was actually a plea to Valve. His friend Ilya "tr3vl" Globa had been banned in CS:GO for some time now. That's why he used the opportunity to ask for a ban lift, quoting the following:

Tr3vl has got VAC, he has asked me to speak it out, so please lift it. I'll have a lot to say on my Youtube channel. There are a lot of emotions, I'm barely holding my tears. Thanks everyone. Obrigado!

IEM Rio Major 2022 took place from 31st October to 13 November. The winners got 500,000 USD from the total $1.25 million prize pool.