Fnatic and Liquid is the first pair of Round of 12 at ESL Pro League Season 16. Teams compete in best-of-3 format and now we have the roster updates and prediction presented hereby.

Fnatic have not met top-tier teams in the last 3 weeks. Instead they showed positive results against PACT, SC and GENK Esports. On the other hand, the match against Sangai slipped from their hands a week ago. Fnatic's main focus now should be EPL S16, as they are stepping into the playoffs in the following roster:

  • KRIMZ;
  • FASHR;
  • nicodoz;
  • roeJ;
  • mezii.

3 victories against C9, EG and Riders gives Liquid a chance to say that they are the favorites in their region, but FURIA and Eternal Fire show that Brazilian and Turkish rosters are capable of turning things around. Now the Horses have the following roster stepping up today:

  • nitr0;
  • EliGE;
  • NAF;
  • oSee;

Liquid vs Fnatic prediction

Teams met 10 times this year. Fnatic win in 3 of the encounters, while Liquid were the successful side 7 times. THe favorites now are Fnatic, thanks to their form and experience. As for the odds, Pinnacle has presented these numbers:

  • Fnatic win — 1.69;
  • Liquid win — 2.20;
  • Total >2.5 — 2.10;
  • Total <2.5 — 1․93․

Note that the odds may change in real time.