The young Russian sniper Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov's 5th match with his new team G2 Esports saw him do his first-ever superstar highlight on the professional scene. The player was left in a 1v4 situation by his team with almost no time to work with, but he still managed to turn the tides in his advantage. 

He got two no-scopes in a close-quarter fight with the Brazilians from MIBR, managed to plant the bomb on the very last second of the round, and then successfully won the last duel of the round. As the webcams showed, the fans were not the only ones screaming from excitement, as each and every one of G2 players also were quite emotional there.

The highlight helped G2 to close the game soon, beating MIBR with a score of 2:0. This win lands them a place on BLAST Spring Finals, while the Brazilian side will have to fight for the slot in a separate BLAST Spring Showdown.