Team Vitality players had a press conference before heading into IEM Katowice group stage. The newly-joined members Emil "Magisk" Reif and Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen talked about the main differences in playing for Astralis compared to Vitality.

Magisk mentioned that he is now very different from his past self in Astralis. The disciplined approach in Astralis now changed into a very different playstyle in Vitality that gives the player more freedom. Magisk himself thinks that such freedom is a vital part of the game.ย 

The biggest difference is that I have more freedom now. I can almost do anything as I want. But this is something I have to get used to โ€” use the freedom to set myself up in good situations.ย 

Vitality's IGL Dan "apeX" Madesclaire praised both players โ€” dupreeh and Magisk, mentioning how good their work ethics are. He thinks the only difficulty, though, lies in the communication and different culture-driven approaches, as the Danes and the French share little similarities.