NAVI's sniper Oleksandr "S1mple" Kostyliev lately uploaded a picture to Twitter, where his hotel room was in a poor condition. S1mple took a photo of dirty wall of his room, with mould near the ventilation system. He also said that there were ants in his room too.

His complaints were responded minutes later, when hotel management saw his tweet on the issue. The room was soon cleaned and the wall was painted.

Hotel's administration noted that S1mple did not warn them about the issue but straightly jumped into social media with his misleading claims.

Prior to that, he was asked to open the room for daily cleaning and other services, but he insisted on not being disturbed for about 3 weeks. Thus the administration states that there was no mould before the arrival of the player.

S1mple added also that he was being moved from room to room during his rest time at night and early morning, but the management had explanation for this too.

S1mple initially had 2 rooms. He used to practice in one and live in the other. However, when more teams arrived, he had to use just one of them, letting other participants of the tournament stay there. That's when the player took the photo of one of that rooms.

S1mple's team NAVI will play in tomorrow's EPL S16 playoff match against Heroic. It kicks off 17:30 UTC.