WePlay Academy League Season 3 came to its end. Mouz NXT defended their championship and this is their 3rd back-to-back trophy of this series. 

The team took 45,000 USD of the prize cash and demonstrated fabulous stats. First, in the upper bracket, they met Astralis Talent to beat them 2:1. In the next round against BIG Academy, the victory was a clean one — 2:0. In the rematch, as the BIG bounced back in the LW, the history repeated with the same outcome.

Grand Finals had two maps, where the first game on Vertigo concluded at 16:12 and the second one ended on Ancient with the score of 16:9.

Previous seasons were arguably easier for the team to win, because in the third season NXT lost their AWPer Ádám "torzsi" Torzsás, who joined the main roster as an experimental swap. But yet again, Mouz NXT showed great synergy and finished the season as top 1.