MOUZ vs NAVI is the last match today for IEM EU RMR B Group. Let's see what are the chances for both to be placed higher in B Group.

NAVI had 2 wins lately. Once against Illuminar and the other against Heroic. Feels like S1mple's team is out of form as per October 2022. They had to deal with technical bugs in ESL Pro League Season 16 and just got anxious over the matter. Now they have to be patient and play with the same mentality and same players:

  •  sdy;
  • s1mple;
  • b1t;
  • Perfecto;
  • electroNic.

3 wins are the latest results of MOUZ. Yesterday they beat OG, while in September Sinners and Onyx were MOUZ' prey. Unfortunately, Eternal Fire and Liquid were better than the German team. It can be concluded that MOUZ play with less confidence against teams they haven't met for a long time. The following 5 from MOUZ will try to stop NAVI today:

  •  torzsi;
  • dexter;
  • frozen;
  • JDC;
  • xertioN.

NAVI vs MOUZ betting tips

Teams met once in July this year. NAVI won in best-of-3 series. Now it will be easier for the Ukrainian team not to let MOUZ advance within best-of-1. As for the odds, Pinnacle has presented these numbers:

Note that the odds may change in real time.