IEM Rio Major's Legends stage is coming to its end soon, and today's pairs have been decided based on the results of the weekend encounters. The first one is NAVI against BNE, and we have got the betting tips and roster updates on the event.

NAVI barely made it to this stage. They took a victory against Vitality in a tough match in double overtime and secured their right to remain in competition. Overall, they had one big fail against Cloud 9, who also play later in the day. NAVI's current lineup is unchanged:

  • S1mple;
  • sdy;
  • Perfecto;
  • B1t;
  • ElectroNic.

BNE had a miracle run throughout the weekend with the last match victory against FaZe Clan. The reigning champions are out of competition now because of the Kosovan roster. Looks like BNE are ready to face any top team now, with  improved confidence of the last days. Their roster is:

  • rigoN;
  • SENER1;
  • juanflatroo;
  • sinnopsyy;
  • gxx.

NAVI vs BNE betting tips

Teams haven't met before, but the situations are similar. Both had 1 win and 2 defeats in the legends stage. Perhaps NAVI have a better chance now, thanks to their form and experience.  And here are the odds by

Please note that the odds may change in real time.