IEM EU RMR's upcoming clash features the clash of 2 CIS teams. It is NAVI up against Outsiders. Below we present prediction and pre-match stats.

NAVI's unlucky matches at ESL Pro League Season 16 now have come to an end. There are no technical complications, thus S1mple's team manages to defeat teams like Illuminar and MOUZ. The competition becomes harder and harder, so NAVI will try to stop their opponents in the same lineup:

  • s1mple;
  • electronic;
  • sdy;
  • Perfecto;
  • B1t.

Outsiders had 3 wins in the latest 5 encounters. They were better than Heroic, Monte and FURIA. On the other hand, stopping the mighty Vitality did not become a reality in the latest ESL Pro League S16. Outsiders know the strengths and weaknesses of NAVI. Therefore, the following 5 will try to exploit any gaps in NAVI's performance:

  • Qikert;
  • Jame;
  • FL1T;
  • n0rb3r7;
  • fame.

NAVI vs Outsiders prediction 

Teams haven't met this season yet. But both sides will display well-polished tactics. The rivalry has no end for ex-V.P and the Born to Win. The latter have slight advantage as per the experts. Accordingly, the odds presented by Pinnacle look like this:

  • NAVI win — 1.34;
  • Outsiders win — 3.32;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2․07;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․78․

Please note that odds may change in real time.