Dzhami "Jame" Ali, the IGL for (Outsiders), gave an interview a week after winning the IEM Rio Major 2022. The player spoke on the team form and preparations for the long-waited major. 

Jame revealed that they had been playing differently with the presence of YEKINDAR and Qikert. Now, when they are gone their responsibilities are divided between N0rb3r7 and Fame. 

What is more, talking about the trainings before the major, Jame added, that for the major they had prepared 6 maps. The preparations lasted 6 months, and thanks to that they were able to compete with tier-1 teams on the big stage. Not everything was well-studied though, as the team's still only at 60% of it's strength, according to the IGL.

Only by this major did we get all the maps prepared. Before that, we had five of them, three at the beginning, then four. It was only for the majors that we had all six maps ready.  

Preparing for the majors took six months, so that we could get all the maps to the proper level and be able to compete with Tier-1. I won't say we did everything, but even now we're playing 60% of how we could play all the maps.


Outsiders have a couple of weeks left before jumping into action again for the upcoming BLAST Premier World Final, starting December 14th, 2022.