Antwerp Major's battle of the top 8 unleashes with Heroic playing NAVI in the quarterfinals. We're here to discover the strengths and weaknesses of both moments before the actual play. And as always, there'll be the last-minute betting tips for the match.

The Born to Win are ranked 2nd as per HLTV global ratings. They won all of their last 5 encounters, playing against strong opponents like G2, Vitality, NIP and others. NAVI's top map picks are Ancient, Mirage and Dust. On the other hand, S1mple's team might want to avoid playing on Vertigo. NAVI's roster is unchanged:

  • electroNic;
  • s1mple;
  • Boombl4;
  • Perfecto;
  • b1t.

Heroic are 5th in global ranks. They seem strong enough, despite some heavy encounters of the last matches. Heroic won 3 times and lost twice. In all of those matches the series were quite close. CadiaN's team moslty picks Vertigo, Inferno and Overpass — this is where they are the most effective. When it comes to instant bans, Dust 2 is likely to be denied by the Danes. Heroic face NAVI with the following lineup:

  • cadiaN;
  • refrezh;
  • stavn;
  • sjuush;
  • TeSeS.

NAVI vs Heroic betting tips

The Ukrainian team are the favorites at this stage. Despite the unpleasant hardships experienced at the beginning of the year, NAVI still keep their form and set dominance in each and every matchup. Accordingly, bookmakers have set their priority, favoring NAVI in these best-of-3 series. The odds for NAVI vs Heroic are:

  • Heroic win — 3.24;
  • NAVI win — 1.34;
  • Map Total > 2.5 — 1.95;
  • Map Total < 2.5 — 1․81․