PGL EU RMR offers another interesting clash of FaZe and MOUZ for April 19, 16:30 UTC. We're here to cover match history and match prediction.

FaZe sauffered a surprise defeat in the previous round of RMR event. They could not even steal a map from BIG. Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz's team had solutions for each and every deadly plan of FaZe. The latter compete today with the same roster as previously:

  • Karrigan;
  • rain;
  • Twistzz;
  • ropz;
  • broky.

MOUZ, on their turn, defeated Outsiders and QUAZAR but were weak against OG. MOUZ need to gain more stability if they wish to stay in the competition. MOUZ players are:Β 

  • Dexter;
  • frozen;
  • JDC;
  • torzsi;
  • Bymas.

FaZe vs MOUZ match prediction

Even though FaZe failed to defeat a lower class team last time, bookmakers still see them as the favorites in the match against MOUZ. Two immense trophies behind their backs indicate that the team's able to recover from a disappointing loss. The odds for the match are these:

  • FaZe win β€” 1.3;
  • MOUZ win β€” 3.49;
  • Map total > 2.5 β€” 2.11;
  • Map total < 2.5 β€” 1β€€66β€€