PGL RMR Group B matches are here again and the next pair competing today is G2 vs Bad News Eagles. Match prediction and odds are here to look at:

BNE have defeated Entropiq but lost to Ninjas in Pyjamas in a very dramatic Ancient game. Their first win gave them the chance to lose to G2 without being eliminated from the tournament, and BNE are surely happy with this standing. However, G2 have already slipped once themselves, so it is surely possible for BNE players to fight back. BNE are:

  • sinnopsyy;
  • juanflatroo;
  • rigoN;
  • SENER1;
  • gxx-.

G2 fell to Anonymo recently. The superstar team was not able to stop the Polish roster who seemed determined enough for the victory. Another slip did not happen, as G2 were better than Sangal, but the team's form is still shaky. G2 today will compete with the following 5:

  • Aleksib;
  • huNter-;
  • JACKZ;
  • NiKo;
  • m0NESY․

BNE vs G2 prediction

G2 lost their opening match to a rather weak team. However, this still does not indicate that G2 are the underdogs. It is still vice versa. The odds show it better: 

  • G2 win — 1․3;
  • BNE win — 3․49․