Fnatic and BIG will compete in the group A of Pinnacle Cup today. Both teams started the competition the day before. Now let's see what will the possible results be in best-of-3 series.

Fnatic played Heroic the day before, and the one-map encounter ended with the loss of the Danes. However, the halves were quite close: 7:8 score in each of them, that took more than an hour. 

Today, Fnatic play with their same lineup: 

  • KRIMZ;
  • f0rest;
  • mezii;
  • nicoodoz;
  • roeJ.

BIG had a more convincing win against MIBR. Teams played on Nuke, where BIG did most of the job in the first half. Seems like the Germans are motivated enough to show the same performance in the group stage, with the following members registered: 

  • tabseN;
  • tiziaN;
  • syrsoN;
  • k1to;
  • faveN.

Fnatic vs BIG match prediction

Teams met 4 times in the past year. Fnatic took 3 of the wins and lost once. However, there is still some doubt on the instant success of Fnatic, as they just updated their roster with 2 CPHF members and a veteran F0rest. Thus, BIG are the favorites today, and the odds are here to glance at:

  • BIG win — 1.40;
  • Fnatic win — 2.81;
  • Map total > 2․5 — 2․09;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․59․