ESL Pro League Season 16's playoffs are here. They start with round of 12 and eventually shrink down to the final day. Season 16 has a couple of notable favorites, in chase of BLAST Points and 823,000 USD Prize pool.

FaZe Clan — 5.04

FaZe were the winners of the previous season of EPL. They showed unbelieveable CS throughout the 2021-2022 season and now continue to claim victories against top teams. Maybe they try out something new, that's why there is some lack of confidence, but overall they keep fighting till the last map of any event. Bookmakers think they are the ones to raise the cup over their heads.

The Ukrainian powerhouse follows tightly the steps of FaZe. They are willing to fight even more aggressively on the opponents' picks. S1mple's presence is still one of the biggest impacts on team morale. They're the ones that can make FaZe sweat.

C9 — 6.85

Ex-Gambit had reached an excellent form of individual play and its members showed surprising numbers on overall statistics. But with new logo and tag they have taken a step back in terms of synergy. C9 are the third favorite team to win it all. Аt least they were top 3td team in the world behind FaZe and Navi.

Vitality — 8․83

The French roster shows mixed results, but their experience can't be denied in this scene. ZywOo's stats show that he is back in form, but the Bees still have a hard time when meeting world class teams in best-of-3s. This time Vitality need to rely on team communication, in order to achieve better spots in 16th season. They are believed to take the 4th spot, as per Pinnacle experts.