ESL Pro League Season 16 showcases a lot of spectacular fights of top clubs in competition. Teams come up with new ideas on how to maximize their effectiveness against tougher opponents and how to bring more versatility to win rounds.

One of such examples is NIP's Fredrik "REZ" Sterner. The 24-year-old pro player swapped roles with Patrick "es3tag" Hansen and took his AWP to shine on the scene in the match against NAVI. The Ukrainian powerhouse eventually lost the match with 1:2 score, due to Fredrick's deadly one-shots. He had a total of 30 kills with the AWP in the latest match. Looks like NIP have found a way to kneel down the best rosters in EPL S16. Even CSGO community appreciates that:

However, to be fair, NAVI's horrible performance shows that they are just having a bad day, as the same group of players had better results during the latest BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022.ย