The last match of today for CS:GO BLAST Premier Fall Groups unleashes between G2 and Vitality. In our brief overview below you can find more on rosters, latest results and the winning odds. The match kicks off 18:00 UTC on August 26.

Vitality had 2 wins and a loss in this tournament. Their newcomer Lothan "Spinx" Giladi is still getting used to the new roster. In fact, the communication barrier has been a huge problem for the team ever since going international. However, the fans are looking forward to brighter days, as team's captain Dan "apEX" Madesclaire promised that all the required fixing has been done, and now the team's ready to grind with the following 5:

  • apEX;
  • dupreeh;
  • Magisk;
  • ZywOo;
  • Spinx.

G2's case is a bit different. They got not only a rifler, but also a captain in the face of HooXi, and now it will surely take time for the team to adapt to the new calling style. The results are not impressive yet, with losses to NAVI and Liquid and just a single win over BIG. However, the roster still has a lot of raw firepower, and NiKo, huNter- and m0NESY trio is surely able to close down any single game on a good day. G2 registered these 5 for today:

  • m0NESY;
  • NiKo;
  • hunNter-;
  • jks;
  • HooXi.

G2 vs Vitality winning odds

Teams met 4 times this season and both had equal number of wins. Even though G2 are yet to adapt to 2 new players in the roster, they are still the favorites, according to the analysts at Finally the odds present the numbers stated below:

  • G2 win — 1.77;
  • Vitality win — 2.07;
  • Map Total > 2,5 — 2.06;
  • Map Total < 2.5 — 1․77․ 

Note that the odds may change after the time of post.