Last match of the day at IEM Rio Major unleashes between Spirit and Sprout. The collectives have 3 maps only to figure out who is the stronger one. Read on for more on winning odds and lineups.

Spirit's results have been inconsistent. They went 1-0 against BNE but were the worse side against Outsiders and FURIA. In fact, Spirit have enough experience to defeat weaker teams like Sprout. Spirit registered the following 5 for today:

  • chopper;
  • magixx;
  • Patsi;
  • w0nderful;
  • s1ren.

The unbelievable 2:0 victory against NIP makes Sprout fans gain hope for future matchups. However, they were beaten by BIG and Liquid with 1:0 each time. The competition is easier with Spirit. Sprout have these players in their lineup for IEM Rio Swiss stage:

  • Splidi;
  • raalz;
  • lauNX;
  • Staehr;
  • slaxz-.

Spirit vs Sprout winning odds 

Teams met 12 times in the past. Spirit had 7 wins while Sprout were luckier in 5. The results are close enough but generally speaking the bookmakers believe in Spirit's success. also favors the Dragons in this match:

  • Spirit win — 1.41;

  • Sprout win — 3.08;

  • Map total > 2․5 — 1.91։

  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.74.