The first day of ESL Pro League Season 16 Group A carries on with the matchup of Ninjas in Pyjamas and Fnatic. Here we present winning odds for the match.

NIP are here from BLAST Premier Fall Groups. They had mixed results against NA and EU teams. Lately they fell to Liquid with a 0:2 score and earlier defeated EG. The best-of-1 series, however, did not impress the fans at all: 2 defeats from Astralis and Vitality. Today NIP play with the usual lineup:

  • es3tag;
  • hampus;
  • REZ;
  • Brollan;
  • Plopski.

Fnatic seem to have better results, but they were competing in a different tournament after the player break. IEM Rio Qualifiers were an easy task for the Brits, where they had 5 wins out of 5 matches. All of them were in best-of-1 series. This states once again that Fnatic are solid against lower tier teams. Their 5-man-roster is: 

  • KRIMZ;
  • FASHR;
  • roeJ;
  • mezii;
  • nicoodoz.

NIP vs Fnatic winning odds

This matchup is the classic that never gets old. NiP and Fnatic met in the finals of the very first CS:GO Major back in 2013, and since then had many years of fierce rivalry. Bookmakers from tend to believe in the victory of the Swedes this time. Plopski's team feels more stable when it comes to big tournaments. Anyway, the rosters are still fresh after the player break and ready to demonstrate their full power. Accordingly, these are the coefficients for NIP vs Fnatic:

  • NIP win — 1.42;
  • Fnatic win — 2.76;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.10;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.75․

Note that the odds may change in real time.