LCS 2022 playoffs step into the more important stages. Round 2 will unleash the battle of TSM and EG in the best-of-5 fashion. Follow along for more on prediction and pre-match stats.

EG appeared in the lower bracket after the 1:2 loss against Cloud9. They were unlucky against Liquid too, but the best-of-1 matches against Gaimin Gladiators and Dignitas ended on a positive note. EG play with the same lineup tonight:

  • Impact;
  • Vulcan;
  • Inspired;
  • Jojopyun;
  • Danny,

TSM, on the other hand, had to earn their qualification from round 1 of the lower bracket. They defeated FlyQuest but before that the match against CLG and C9 ended in a defeat. Mixed results show that TSM are not ready: to face a stronger opponent as for now. Their roster consists of the following 5.

  • Solo;
  • Maple;
  • Spica;
  • Chime;
  • Instinct.

EG vs TSM prediction

Bookmakers think that EG are the better side in this clash. The best-of-5 will be a real test of nerves, and TSM are known to be lacking the experience in these situations. Geniuses, in fact, could even end the match without dropping a map. That's what experts think. Finally, here are the odds presented by them:

  • TSM win — 1.13;
  • EG win — 6.18;
  • Map total > 3.5 — 1.64;
  • Map total < 3․5 — 2.18.

 Note that the odds may change in real time.