IEM Cologne 2022 play-in stage is on, and below we present another clash for today. Vitality vs TYLOO is our next stop, with updated rosters and prediction.

Vitality had 3 wins out of the last 5 matchups. Last time they lost to NAVI in BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Finals. ZywOo's team is in a good shape, but NAVI were simply better teamplay-wise. Vitality come to IEM Cologne with their usual roster:

  • apEX;
  • ZywOo;
  • misutaa;
  • dupreeh;
  • Magisk.

TYLOO, the only qualified team from China, have a rough time outside of their own region. They only won 1 match out of the last 5, thus, their form is at least unconvincing. TYLOO will compete with these players on their side:

  • Summer;
  • Attacker;
  • BnTeT;
  • DANK1NG.

TYLOO vs Vitality prediction 

Teams met 3 times in the past. TYLOO could not take any map away from the Bees. They simply do not have the same experience and individual skill. Accordingly, the odds by show the huge gap of winning chances for each:

  • Vitality win — 1.14;
  • TYLOO win — 5.86.

Note that these odds may change after the time of publication.