Dota 2 member Danil "gpk" Skutin made some fun on the opponent, against which his team was competing in the grand finals of DOTA 2 Champions League. VP lost that match to No Sorry with the score of 1:3 and gpK did not miss his chance to ironically type in the chat "Good luck in the 2nd division."

The answer did not take long to appear on the screen: No Sorry midlaner Vitaliy "Mannik" Brezgin replied back: "Thanks, we'll reach the first div too, bro"

No Sorry will indeed play in the second division of EEU DPC and therefore have no chance to qualify for the Div 1 before The International 11 starts in October. VP took home $10,000 from the $50,000 prize pool of D2CL. However, they kept their Div 1 slot and will fight for the place in the last major of the season.