HLTV's updated global rankings of CS:GO are here for the second half of September. The updated list still keeps FaZe at the top of the table. The visible changes in top 10 list evolve around Movistar Riders, MOUZ, Vitality and Heroic. 

Movistar have shown decent stats since player break and now they have 344 points for the 5th spot. They have better placing than G2 and MOUZ. The German MOUZ have made it to the top 6th, with 336 points in their records. They have won important matches in ESL Pro League Season 16 and continue their run confidently.

What seemed like a good start for Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, looks now like a failure for Team Vitality. They have only gathered 300 points, which makes them move to 9th place. Top-10 is concluded by Heroic, who have jumped over Cloud9 and OG to get the desired points. They are the favorites of group C and will definitely improve in further encounters with their current form.

Vitality leave top5 Heroic jump up to the 10 spot at HLTV