The next match at ESL Pro League's playoffs presents the battle of Outsiders and Vitality. Follow along for more on rosters and betting tips.

Vitality are on fire: the team had 5 wins in the last 5 encounters. The French were even better than NAVI and NIP at the start of the month. Feels like they do not have to worry much about Outsiders either. Vitality members are these 5:

  • dupreeh;
  • apEX;
  • Magisk;
  • ZywOo;
  • Spinx

Unlike Vitality, Outsiders show mixed results in latest matchups. 3 wins out of 5 show that they were an easy hunt for G2 and FaZe, but silenced FURIA and MIBR without much trouble. Outsiders compete in their usual roster:

  • Qikert;
  • Jame;
  • FL1T;
  • n0rb3r7;
  • fame.

Vitality vs Outsiders betting tips

Vitality are the favorites in this match. They seem to have found a good chemistry with Lothan "Spinx" Giladi — something they were not able to show with the previous lineup. Even though the latest match between ex-V.Pro and Bees ended in Outsiders' victory, team forms now are quite different. suggests the following odds on the occasion:

  • Vitality win — 1.48;

  • Outsiders win — 2.92;
  • Map total >2.5 — 1.54;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 2․50․

Please note that odds may change in real time.