Matchmaking operations in CS:GO are not always as smooth as players expect. To provide extra protection, one of Valve workers manually administered about 100 VAC bans in-game. The news comes from youtuber Mzkshow.

The streamer says that the worker took the responsibility to do all the action himself, accusing those 100 in cheating, kicking them from matches and then and banning their Steam accounts. In his video, Mzkshow demonstrated 3 matches, where up to 6 players were banned from the game. What is more, the worker did so while he joined the lobbies of those "cheaters" and played with them for a while. Later he hid his matchmaking history, but the demos were scraped by Mzkshow. 

The incident happened more than 80 days ago, but such kind of ban-waves might happen nowadays too. It is unclear if Valve employee had enough evidence to decide if the players actually used cheats or simply had been messing with his opponents. Valve have not commented on the accusations.