DPC WEU proceeds with a matchday on December 14 and at 15:00 CET the Division 1 match between Alliance and COOLGUYS will kick off. Here is the preview of team performance and rosters, as well as betting predictions.

Alliance are in the danger zone of elimination, sharing it with Nigma Galaxy and their current rival — COOLGUYS. Their last 2 games ended with 0:2 losses. But one cannot miss the fact that Alliance's last 2 opponents, Tundra Esports and Team Secret, were among the strongest teams of the league. 

Alliance roster:

  • Nikobaby;
  • Supream^;
  • Lelis;
  • Aramis;
  • Handsken.

COOLGUYS situation is similar, though they are the team many expect to fall out of Upper Division. However, there is still a chance for them to steal a map from Alliance, according to experts. 

COOLGUYS roster:

  • ThuG;
  • No!ob;
  • Funn1k;
  • OmaR;
  • dnz.

Match Prediction & Betting Tips

For the start, it is important to mention, that Alliance Nikobaby did some fatal errors in the previous match, while his teammate Supream^ delivered smooth performance. The most optimal prediction could be 2:1 with Alliance being superior to COOLGUYS.

  • Winner: Alliance — 1.28;
  • Winner COOLGUYS — 3.52.
  • Map Total >2.5 — 2.21.