Alliance vs Entity Gaming is the next match of EEU TI 11 Qualifiers. The lower bracket run has 2 CIS sides competing for the run in The International 2022. 

Alliance's substitutions have not affected their performance negatively. However, they have not been looking great for a long time. Losing all the group matches in DPC, Alliance were at the bottom of the league. Later ESL invited them to ONE Malaysia, but here the results weren't impressive either. 2 draws and nothing else. Today is their chance to get back to the road of long-forgotten success. Alliance's roster looks like this:

  • Dukalis;
  • dEsire;
  • Time to Nowhere;
  • w33;
  • Nikobaby.

Entity took the 5-6th places at ESL One, which means that they are a pretty capable unit when it comes to matches with same-level teams. In this case Alliance are out of form and this raises Entity's chances of success. Entity are: 

  • Fishman;
  • Stormstormer;
  • supernova;
  • Tobi;
  • Kataomi`.

Alliance vs Entity Gaming winning odds

Experts back Entity Gaming more in this match.'s odds state this too: very few expectations are there from the Swedes. Finally, the odds have this look:

  • Alliance win — 7․29;
  • Entity win — 1․12;
  • Map total >2.5 — 3․36;
  • Map total <2.5 — 1․29․