DPC WEU tour 3 advances with the matchup of OG and The Alliance. Match prediction and history of previous encounters are described hereby.

Alliance seem to be in a horrible situation: they had no victories in 5 consecutive matches. They are not even able to keep their focus on playing against weaker teams. This resulted in defeats from rosters like Liquid, Gladiators, Secret, GoonSquad and Tundra. As a result, the team kicked symetricaL from the starting roster and will finish the saeson with a stand-in. Now, they should at least try to demonstrate better team synergy, to stop the major champions today. Alliance's roster now is: 

  • w33;
  • NikoBaby;
  • TBA;
  • Aramis.

OG are in a good run. They won in the last 4 matches out of 5. Becoming major champions has boosted their confidence and motivation to keep on performing at their best. OG compete with their usual roster:

  • ATF;
  • Misha;
  • bzm;
  • Yuragi;
  • Taiga.

Alliance vs OG match prediction

OG are the clear favorites of this match, no doubt. It will not take much effort to close down a team that barely had any victories for a long time. The difference is visible even more with the odds presented by pinnacle.com:

  • OG Win —  1.04;
  • Alliance Win — 13.29;
  • Map Total > 2.5  — 4.25;
  • Map Total < 2.5 — 1.09.

Note that the odds may change after the time of publication.