ESL One Malaysia 2022 playoffs are coming to their end with the upper bracket final between Aster and Secret to find the first participant of the grand-final. Below we present the betting tips for the event.

Team Secret come to this match after a really close victory against OG. The latter now try to make their way from the lower bracket round 2, while Secret stay a step higher. This time Secret face, arguably, the toughest opponent of the whole tournament. The Chinese stopped at the top-4 back at the major, letting their Team Spirit go through to the final. However, this time there're no Spirit and no PSG.LGD at the event, so it's time for them to shine. Secret will try to stop them with these names in the lineup:

  • Puppey;
  • Resolut1on;
  • Nisha;
  • Zayac;
  • Crystallis.

The tournament has been easier for Aster. Even though they also had draws in the group stage, the playoffs are much more promising. That is so, especially after the confident win against Fnatic. Only a single match is left before the Grand Final, and the Chinese are actually one of the favorites to be there. Their roster will have the following look tomorrow:

  • Xxs'
  • BoBoKa;
  • monet;
  • Ori;
  • Siamese.C.

Team Secret vs Aster betting tipsΒ 

Teams met once already in Malaysia, drawing the match in best-of-2 series. Experts from believe that this time Team Secret have better chances, even though Aster look very dangerous. Here are the odds to point out the differences:

  • Team Secret win β€” 1.27;
  • Aster win β€” 1.94;
  • Draw β€” 3.70β€€