Dota 2 Champions League Season 13 is getting closer to its final. Today we have the decisive encounter of BB Team and Brame in the lower bracket of the $50k tournament. Recent results of teams and the prediction can be found in our overview below.

BBT had a slot to the Quarter Finals of D2CL S13. Here they defeated 11Mon and Team Unique, with a clean 2:0 score. BBT have seen tougher opponents, but they still need to have the right synergy within these 5:

  • SoNNeikO;
  • Daxak;
  • ForceMajor;
  • Noticed;
  • Iarl.

Brame had 4 wins in the latest encounters, losing to the same One Move as their current opponent did. Even though everything is not lost yet, Brame are not consistent enough in the important stages of tounrmaments. Brame's lineup for today is:

  • SsaSpartan;
  • Focus;
  • dEsire;
  • ThuG;
  • SkyLark.

BBT vs Brame prediction

BETBOOM Team are the favorites of the match. Even though rosters haven't met previously, BB team's run was interrupted in the upper bracket just in the finals, while Brame were already in the LB. Finally, the odds are brought to you by

  • BBT win — 1.28;
  • Brame win — 3.44;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.32;
  • Map total < 2..5 — 1․51․

Note that the odds may change in real time.