Dota 2 DPC tour 3 has begun in the South-East Asian region too, with the next match of the day unfolding between BOOM and Team SMG. Read along to learn more on pre-match history and get some betting tips.

BOOM ended their last tour with mixed results, but they disappointed fans with their performance during the Stockholm Major. 5 draws and 2 losses are the only results they got, and that was simply not enough for a team to take top spots in a major. BOOM's roster for today is:

  • skem;
  • Tims;
  • Yopaj;
  • Fbz;
  • JaCkky.

SMG met BOOM over a month ago and that one ended in BOOM's favor. They did not have any slot for the major, thus SMG used the time to prepare for the start of tour 3. The following 5 are the current active members of SMG's Dota 2 team:

  • MidOne;
  • Moon;
  • Raging Potato;
  • ah fu;
  • pieliedie.

BOOM vs SMG betting tips

Bookmakers picked BOOM as the favorite of the match. Taking into account the achievements of past 6 months, BOOM are in a better shape now, while SMG have to prove things with the start of the third DPC tour. Finally, the odds are these:

  • BOOM win — 1․19;
  • SMG win — 4.45;
  • Map total > 2․5 — 2․38;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․54․