DPC EEU Division 2 team B8 repeated their anti-record by losing 18 official matches in a row. Last time the team won a game in October, at Dota 2 Champions League when facing KHAN. Their last defeat now is from Fantastic Five.

B8 Esports is an Ukrainian organization, led by TI 2011 winner Danil Ishutin. The club's been created 2 years ago. The active roster now looks like this:

  • Alexander "v1olent" Park;
  • Danil "Dendi" Ishustin;
  • Maksym "pjjon" Netrebsckiy;
  • Adam "LagooNa" Chakhaev;
  • Azamat "Gatciy" Gatciev.

With their 18th loss in a row, B8 Esports are eliminated from DPC EEU Division 2 and will not get shares from the 75,000 USD prize pool of the tournament.