Valve unexpectedly released Dota 2 7.32 patch on August 24th. Players are surprised to see such a huge update that came earlier than it was expected. In fact, teams of ESL One Malaysia 2022 had to play the first day of the group stage with a 7.31d version of Dota, and then woke up to a completely new game. Let's see what are the key takeaways from the massive update. More detail can be learned on official Dota 2 website.

First of all, players won't be able to level up in the game as rapidly as they did in patch no 7.31d. The formula has been changed drastically, and now it takes a lot more XP to learn new abilities. This will affect the meta, with more lean on late game.

Secondly, the new type of lane creeps have been added — Flagbearer. These begin to appear after the 2nd minute of the game and have a brand new aura that gives their fellow kin some extra HP regen. Killing those grants gold not only to the player that got the last hit, but also to his teammates in the area. 

The removal of neutral items is the third important change, but do not worry — there have been new additions to replace them. However, many support players will surely miss Keen Optic.

Patch 7.32 also hits the map, with some terrain changes that adjust tree densities around Roshpit. Dire had an unfair advantage which has been shown by the latest major when one of the group stage days ended with a 80%+ winrate by the dark side. Now, they'll have harder time reaching the Roshan lair.

With the most expected changes, heroes have either been adjusted, nerfed or buffed, more on which you can find on the official Dota 2 patch notes. Feels like Valve wants the players to study nearly every hero from scratch, a tough job for teams that prepare for TI 2022.