Russian ex-pro gamer and analyst Yaroslaw "NS" Kuznetsov has shared his thoughts on WASD.TV regarding the latest EEU Qualifiers for Dota 2 International championship. 

NS was quite surprised that Dota 2 community did not make doubious questions regarding the winner of the regional qualifier. The latter was BetBoom team. BB won in the finals of the event against The point is that BB team's sponsor got the rights to broadcast the event officially. Besides, it is registered as a betting company.

I'm not accusing anyone of anything, not at all. But that is still a topic to discuss — as a situation itself in the vaccum. Why does no one talk about the fact that the winner of the TI11 qualifier in the EEU was BetBoom Team? A team of the same company that bought the broadcasting rights for these qualifiers and, therefore, has cleanfeed with absolutely no delay. Besides, it's also a betting company. 

The operators of Russian language broadcasts of TI 11 is Fissure, while the qualifiers were shown on BetBoom's channel. The latter has reportedly paid 1.9 million dollars for broadcasting rights.