Valve usually releases its Dota 2 battle passes each year prior to The International tournaments. The last iteration came in May, but this year things look different. With the release of a big update, numbered 7.31d, Valve also informed that Battle Pass will arrive later this year.Β 

That is to say, players will be witnessing new battle pass content after the Arlington Major 2022. The USA major will kick off on August 4 and last 10 days. Valve's intention lies in a couple of sentences:

We want to make playing after The International the most enjoyable. To do this, we will slightly move the duration of the battle pass. It will be released later than in previous years, but will be active both during The International and for quite a long time after it.

It is unclear how the TI11 prize pool will be formed this time, as battle passes original purpose was to crowdfund the event. It is possible that Valve will simply delay the payments to let the BP end and finalize the prize pool.