The next matchup of the day within Gamers Galaxy Dubai Invitational takes place between TSM and Fnatic. Match history and winning odds are presented below.

Fnatic come to this match with 1 win and 2 losses. They are now the 3rd in the Group A. Looks like they are still looking for their playstyle, that's why their results are not that impressive. The roster registered for today is this:

  • DJ;
  • Raven;
  • Jabs;
  • Armel;
  • Januel.

TSM FTX have hard times since the start of the Invitational. They have lost all the matches played the day before and need to start moving forward, if they want to stay in the competition. The lineup is the same as yesterday:

  • MoonMeander;
  • DuBu;
  • Timado;
  • bryle;
  • SabeRLight.

TSM vs FNC winning odds

Experts give their priority to Fnatic: the latter know how to use the weaknesses of the opponents in their favor. And TSM right now does not show any kind of threat with their unlucky performance. The odds are these for best-of-1 series:

  • Fnatic win — 1.77;
  • TSM win — 2.01.