The long-waited patch of Valve’s DOTA 2 is now live. Patch note no.7.31 brings into the game a wide range of changes as well as new items and a hero. 

Primal Beast, hero nerfs, neutral creeps and new set of boots... the internet is flooded with thoughts and tips on the new meta. 

Famous players, analysts and streamers have made their comments on the new patch too. Some call it hilarious, while others think it's not what it should have been, but most importantly, there is a massive hype around the game now.

Quincy Crew’s mid laner Quinn Callahan thinks the community needs an additional patch after 7.31. He said there is a need for nerfing jungle creeps in the mid lane. Moreover, he says that 7.31 was very small and did not impress him at all.

Another player, D. “Dendi” Ishutin from B8 Esports has shared his confusion about the changes on Pudge:

He thinks it is not fair that the magic resistance of the hero is removed. Additionally, he compared the changes to Tidehunter’s Kraken Shell and that's where things look unfair. 

And here is another opinion from caster Dasha “eiritel” Morozova, who feels the changes to the map are not enough.

“Global rework did not take place for Dota 2 anyway. Just 70%. For now it seems poor, but maybe creeps and items will buff (characters) in a more powerful way during the actual work.”

Speaking about Primal Beast, the newly added hero, Daria is disappointed that it is not a mob. 

On the other hand, Team Liquid's streamer Jonas “AverageJonas” Navarsete calls the addition “hilarious”.

Other users are concerned with the changes granted to Techies. Timur "TRAVOMAN" Khafizov, for example, thinks that Techies will not be the same again. He will be replaced with others that evolve through the macro game with the current changes. On the other hand, there is possibility - forgotten heroes might also be back in the new meta.

Patch 7.31 has a lot of details in it, so players need to explore it thoroughly before the start of ESL Stockholm Major 2022, scheduled for May.

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